Kokomo is a community founded on originality — from its unique name to its impressive technological history.

Howard County was first occupied by Miami Indians. Settlers began to arrive in the early 1800s, including David Foster. Before long, Foster owned most of the land in the area and eventually donated 40 acres to develop a county seat. A log courthouse was built just north of the Wildcat Creek. Foster is said to have named the city after Chief Kokomo. Howard County was incorporated in 1843, among the last Indiana counties to be established. Kokomo became a city in 1854.

The discovery of natural gas during this period rapidly expanded development, bringing important industries to Howard County. The area also attracted innovative minds like that of Elwood Haynes, a prolific inventor.

This is very much so the Cliff Notes version of our history. Visit the Howard County Historical Society for a full history of the community.